• silos


    Designs with different capacities and in different materials: 304 and 316 stainless steel, painted steel, corrugated steel (depending on product to be stored).

  • tolvas_02 tolvas


    Different hopper designs according to processing needs. Cyclones, hopper scales, hopper chambers, with different equipment.
  • extraccion

    Extraction and fluidised systems

    System for unloading stored products: vibration, fluidisation, rotating blades. etc.

  • aspiracion

    Suction and dust control systems

    Individual or centralised suction system using cartridge filters or bag filters which can be installed on the side or top.

  • atex

    Explosion-proof facilities

    Anti-explosion safety system for active or passive elements. (cut-off valves, flame arresters, explosion vents).

  • equipo_tratamiento_aire

    Air treatment systems

    Devices for the treatment of air in pneumatic transportation systems and in silo and hopper atmospheres for products sensitive to humidity and temperature.

  • aislamiento_termico

    Heat insulation for silos and hoppers in order to avoid condensation problems inside due to temperature fluctuations.
  • pesado_silos control_peso

    Product weight control

    Devices for controlling product stock level using load cells and weighing indicators with communication to control system.


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