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The USER who accesses and uses this web page knows and accepts the general conditions given here and any modifications in them which may occur; the user should access these conditions periodically to be informed of any changes.

The web page consists of all text, graphics, images, videos, sounds, drawings, photographs and software included in it, whether they be subject to intellectual property or not.

ONE. - Website owner

RADAR PROCESS, S.L. (henceforth RADAR) with tax identification number B-08368656 and registered offices at C/ Esquirol, nº 4, Polígono industrial Les Malloles, Postcode 08500 in VIC (BARCELONA), registered in the Registry of Companies in Barcelona in Volume 20785, Book 198, Page 14055; contact details for RADAR are telephone:+34 93 886 96 00 and e-mail: This address is protected against spambots. Javascript must be enabled to view it.

TWO.- Purpose of website

RADAR provides the public (henceforth USER) with the domains and (henceforth WEB), information and data (henceforth CONTENT) via a web for informative purposes. Web CONTENT is provided and created by RADAR, S.A.

THREE.- Access to the web page

Access to and use of the WEB is free of charge for the user and does not require authorisation, subscription or registration.

Access to and use of the WEB does not imply any obligation on the part of RADAR for quality or speed; RADAR may, without prior warning, modify the access conditions or suspend access to the WEB or part thereof, and cannot be held liable for any consequences or damages caused by the modification in access or the suspension of the WEB.

Costs for any hardware or software required to access the web will be borne by the USER. RADAR cannot be held liable for the function or the consequences of the use of these tools, nor the rights or licences required for use.

RADAR also cannot be held liable for any anomaly, performance issue, damage, loss of data or software which occur in the USER's system or equipment as a direct or indirect consequence of attempts to access the WEB.

The service provided by RADAR via its WEB is indefinite, but may be suspended or cancelled without prior warning without prejudice.

FOUR.- Website content

The language used by RADAR in the WEB will be Spanish, without prejudice to the use of other languages, national or from the autonomous regions. RADAR cannot be held liable for misunderstandings or lack of understanding of the WEB by the user, or for any consequences which may arise as a result.

The purpose of the WEB content is to give information on and advertise the activities and products created by RADAR and are supposed to be general and indicative, and are not binding to RADAR.

RADAR can, without prior warning, make changes, delete or change content in the WEB, as well as how it is accessed; RADAR is not required to give justification or notice of these changes, nor can be held liable for any consequences that these changes may have on the users.

The content will remain property of RADAR, this includes all industrial and intellectual property rights of the WEB, as well as any content it may include. Any user of the WEB or its content is for private use only. RADAR reserves the exclusive right for making any other use of the page which implies copying, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public communication or any other similar action of all or part of the web page, including this one, meaning that no USER will be able to carry out these actions without previous written approval from RADAR.

The use of the content of the WEB is prohibited for publicising, contracting or revealing advertising or information on RADAR or third parties without the express authorisation of RADAR, nor may any advertising or information on services or information given to users be forwarded onto others, independent of whether this use is free of charge or not.

Links or hyperlinks which third parties include on their web pages and which point to this WEB must be to open the complete web page and may not, either directly or indirectly, include false, inexact or unclear indications or incur unfair or illicit actions against RADAR.

RADAR cannot be held liable for the reliability and speed of hyperlinks included in the WEB pointing to external pages. RADAR does not vouch for the usefulness of these links, nor can it be held liable for the content or services to which the USER has access via these links or for the performance of these web pages.

FIVE.- Web users

Users who access the WEB do so in accordance with the Law, and are obliged at all times to access it and its content for the purpose indicated above and for licit purposes only; the user undertakes to not infringe upon the rights and freedoms of third parties or carry out any activities which may damage, impair, saturate or slow down the web to the detriment of RADAR or third party users.

Users will not use the content of the WEB contrary to Law (especially Laws regarding Intellectual and Industrial Property), usage and custom and public order, and will not copy, distribute, disseminate, change, modify or manipulate data.

RADAR does not possess on its WEB products or services for the users in which the latter must introduce content or information such as news groups, chats, forums or other similar services. However, RADAR does provide an e-mail service on its web page for users to contact RADAR directly, for which RADAR commits to use this e-mail service in accordance with the Law, ethics, public order and decency.

Access to WEB content by the USER will be under the USER's own responsibility and RADAR will not be held liable for any consequences which may arise from the direct or indirect use of the web, be they physical, logical, moral or personal.

RADAR may hold users responsible who, through inappropriate use, cause damages to third parties, as well as those who introduce possible viruses or computer programmes which introduce, generate, store or impair or possibly impair both the contents or the correct performance of the WEB or the machines, systems and programmes of web users.

RADAR reserves the right to hold users responsible for any complaints, compensation, fines or administrative sanctions which RADAR must cover if a USER of the WEB content or services is directly or indirectly responsible for them.

All users who are aware of any intervention affecting the performance of, or may affect the performance of RADAR's WEB, or which may modify or affect its content, should communicate this immediately to RADAR.


Polígon Industrial Malloles
Calle Esquirol, 4
08500 Vic [Barcelona]
T +34 93 886 96 00
F +34 93 889 96 20