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    There are two different systems when referring to dosage: volumetric and gravimetric.

    In volumetric systems , the volume of the product during the dosage process is measured, and generally mechanical means are employed such as worm gears. These systems are generally less precise, and require greater maintenance as they are mechanical systems.

    In gravimetric systems , we use weighing systems with load cells to control the amount of product by weight. These systems have a series of advantages which we list below:

    • Can be used with products and ingredients which are difficult to handle as there is no direct contact with the measuring device.
    • The weighing systems can be used for a wide range of hoppers and scales with different shapes and capacities.
    • They are hygienic, so comply with safety standards.
    • Easy to clean as they do not come into contact with the products.
    • More precise dosage, as the weight of the product is measured directly; no corrective factors are required.
    • Completely automated installation with programmable local devices or centralised control systems.


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