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Radar Process

The first step to success


The food industry is increasingly developed and more demanding both in terms of production and quality, as well as control and automation.


The coffee market is the most important after oil, which means that more than 2 million cups of coffee are consumed around the world every day.

Chemicals and plastics

We offer complete and innovative solutions when developing comprehensive projects in the handling, automation and dosage of powder products.

Nutrition formulas

Complete installations for the preparation of wet mixing prior to the spray dryer, as well as complete installations for the preparation of dry mix for different formulas elaboration.

The first step to success

Radar Process boasts over 40 years of experience providing comprehensive solutions in handling, automation and dosing of powders, granules and liquids.



Awareness of the overall process




Turnkey solutions

The defining factor for achieving successful production is based on the quality of the ingredients, people’s professionalism and the best solution for processes and equipment.





Radar Process


icono El cliente es nuestro principal valor

Our customer is our key asset

icono calidad productos y servicios

We strive for excellence in the quality of our products and services .

icono Profesionalidad, implicación, rigor y compromiso

Professionalism, implication, rigour and commitment.

icono Experiencia

Expertise and know-how

icono capital humano

Our team is our value added .

icono comunicación, intercambio de opiniones y conocimientos

Promoting communication, opinion and knowledge exchange.

icono Innovación y espíritu de mejora

Innovation and a spirit of constant improvement.

icono Ética y honestidad

Ethics and honesty.

Radar Process is part of the Coemba group, along with other companies in the industrial, agricultural and property industries.

organigrama empresarial Radar Process
We offer complete solutions in the handling, automation and dosing of powder, granular and liquid products.
IMCO Process & Packaging has 65 years of experience offering complete solutions for the processing and packaging of products for the food, coffee, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Production and distribution of high quality oranges and mandarins, grown in a sustainable way. We offer only seasonal products to guarantee the highest quality for our customers.

Sales and rental management for flats, buildings or warehouses owners.

Grupo Coemba, founded in 1988, is a Spanish-owned holding company with diversified activities under three divisions: Imco Process & Packaging, Radar Process, Cítric Express and Lugano Invest.


Radar Process boasts over 40 years of experience providing comprehensive solutions in handling, automation and dosing of powders, granules and liquids.


Closer to Our Customers.

We want to be the trusted partner for companies and industries, offering our products, solutions and services worldwide. We want to help and share our knowledge in various sectors to develop comprehensive solutions in the handling of ingredients—tailored to each customer and their needs.

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