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From green coffee beans to roasted coffee

A leading company committed to our customers

The world of coffee, since its inception, has been part of people’s life and evolution. Currently the coffee futures market ranks second only after oil. People around the world consume more than two million cups of coffee every day—to wake up, share moments with others or simply for sheer pleasure.

Radar Process is a leader in comprehensive solutions for the coffee industry, geared toward customers and improved efficiency in their production processes. Radar Process boasts 40 years’ experience in various industries. We leverage our expertise to offer customers complete and innovative solutions for developing integrated projects in the handling, automation and dosing of powders, granules and liquids—always tailored to their specific needs.

Complete installations for storing, transporting, roasting and grinding coffee. Coffee roasters are crucial to guarantee the optimal roasting process.

Natural coffee

granos de cafe natural

Roasted coffee

granos de cafe torrefacto

Ground coffee

granos de cafe molido

Soluble coffee

granos de cafe soluble


The food industry is increasingly developed and more demanding both in terms of production and quality, as well as control and automation.


The coffee market is the most important after oil, which means that more than 2 million cups of coffee are consumed around the world every day.

Chemicals and plastics

We offer complete and innovative solutions when developing comprehensive projects in the handling, automation and dosage of powder products.

Nutrition formulas

Complete installations for the preparation of wet mixing prior to the spray dryer, as well as complete installations for the preparation of dry mix for different formulas elaboration.

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