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Transport technologies


Pneumatic conveying

The various units designed for conveying raw materials are divided into two types depending on the product concentration in the air flow:

Dilute phase
Low product concentration. High speed and low pressure, suitable for low-sensitivity powders and granules.

Dense phase
Low speed and medium-high pressure suitable for products sensitive to breakage, abrasion, disintegration, unmixing, etc.


Conveying by positive pressure

Large flows of up to 50 tons/h

By pulses

Conveying by positive pressure

Medium flow rates of up to 36 tons/h


Vacuum transport

Flow rates of up to 6 tons/h


Conveying by positive pressure

Flow rates of up to 50 tons/h


Bucket elevator

Chain conveyor (RadarChain).

Endless screw


Vacuum transport

Flow rates up to 30 tons/h

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