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Industrial processes

Automation and industrial control

Radar Process Automation has developed several specific software programs:

Radar Production Management

Totally standard and configurable production management program for each type of installation. It allows the client to manage and parameterize the equipment, alarms and the possibility of operating in manual or automatic mode.

RadarTrace for traceability management

Application for the automated management of traceability, controlling the production process of raw material entry, processing, packaging, storage and final distribution. Possibility of connection to the client’s ERP. In a single input operation, the databases (MySQL or SQL Server) are updated and it is fully configurable. It complies with the requirements of EU Regulation 178/2002.

Scada – Animated Synoptic Supervision

Graphic representation of the installation elements that facilitate communication with plant operators, providing real-time information and remote connection with other plant equipment.

Electrical installations and engineering

Study and design of electrical installations according to project specifications, cost optimization and compliance with applicable regulations in each sector:

Electrotechnical Regulation for low voltage.
ATEX regulations.

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