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Physical Operations


Milling, lump breaker and micronisation

The various units designed for conveying raw materials are divided into two types depending on the product concentration in the air flow:


Mills with hammer, pins, etc., for milling all types of products with grain sizes under 1 mm.

ATEX-certified turbo mills for obtaining icing sugar.

Flow rates up to 30,000 kg/h depending on the final granulometry.

Lump breakers
One- or two-axis units for grinding caked products that form large lumps. The resulting particle size is between 2 and 10 mm, depending on the mesh size. Flow rates up to 2000 kg/h depending on the final particle size.

Mills for obtaining products with particle sizes of less than 50 microns.


Centrifugal or vibrating sieve units to ensure products with uniform particle size.

Some of the variables by which a unit can be selected are: horizontal or vertical mounting; different internal mixing elements (belts, screws, plows, etc.); mixing capabilities, mixing speed, etc.

Design of units of varying sizes, materials and ATEX certification.

Gravity flow
Centrifugal or vibrating unit to be installed at the output of a silo or hopper.

In-line mounting
Centrifugal or vibrating unit to be installed in a pneumatic conveying line.

Metal removal

Equipment for detection and/or removal of metal particles within the products to protect the system and to ensure the quality of processed products.

Magnetic system
Grills featuring permanent magnets for detecting falling particles.

Electronic system
Electronic detection of foreign bodies and automatic rejection. Units to be installed in a pneumatic conveyor or in freefall.


Units for continuous or batch mixing of solid products to which liquids may be added. There is a very wide range of mixing equipment available depending on the products to be mixed and the degree of homogeneity required.

Some of the variables by which a unit can be selected are: assembly.

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