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Services and facility maintenance


We have a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced engineers who are able to design and develop complete systems for handling ingredients.

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They take care of everything from basic and detailed engineering, pre-implementation studies and compliance with new regulations, structural calculations, efficiency improvement/process optimisation enhancements, and specific training services.

Facility maintenance

We offer our customers a wide range of maintenance options, all aimed at ensuring the proper operation of their system, reduce downtime and maintenance to a minimum and obtain a final quote free of cost overruns.
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In addition, our maintenance contracts include: direct telephone support with our software department and priority service in emergency situations.

Process automation

Our engineering department designs and develops technical solutions tailored to customer needs based on proprietary developments.

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Our engineers study and design systems according to project specifications ensuring cost optimisation and compliance with applicable regulations in each industry.

24-hours technical support

Receiving help in emergencies is as important as having an appropriate response to production needs. 

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We are prepared and organised to provide our customers with quality technical service and support—regardless of their location and situation. Our software engineers provide remote technical support and maintenance, addressing incidents immediately.

Facility retrofitting and updating

The overhaul of facilities, machinery and components ensures the utmost durability and efficiency. 

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After an initial inspection, objectives are defined jointly in order to draft a report and a proposal for complete modernisation and upgrade of the line.

System migration

Our automation and software experts can undertake full migration, update production management programs.

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Even design and deploy applications to transfer production data to the client ERP or to a new system being set up in their factory.

ATEX consulting and validation

Our extensive experience in developing hazardous systems in various industries.

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Allows us to offer our clients the necessary services for ATEX certification.


Our expertise and knowledge of the various production processes allows us to provide customised training for our customers.
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Our aim is to empower users, buyers and operators to have a better understanding of the technical aspects to keep in mind when handling ingredients.

Emissions management - Coffee

As experts in designing complete facilities for the coffee industry, we can carry out an environmental review of roasters and propose improvements to ensure regulatory compliance. 

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We stay constantly up-to-date on changes to greenhouse gas emission regulations. We therefore develop our equipment to meet the regulations of each country, region, and autonomous community, in addition to the most stringent international standards.

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