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Complaints channel

RADAR PROCESS, S.L. is a company strongly committed to regulatory compliance, good practices, transparency, equality, sustainability and efficiency, regarding the company’s staff and third parties.

In order to comply with these principles, an Ethic Line has been implemented in the company, which can be used by any person.

The Ethic Line allows communications to be carried out securely, confidentially and anonymously through a digital platform where the informant can keep in contact with the organisation while preserving his or her identity.

For this purpose, a procedure and a Committee has been created to manage the Ethic Line.

The information provided through the Ethic Line will be processed for the exclusive purpose of analysing, detecting, denouncing and, where appropriate, preventing potentially unlawful conduct.

The Ethic Line is managed by an external entity, thus guaranteeing maximum confidentiality, independence, efficiency and objectivity with regard to the communications made.

You can consult the Ethic Line protocol through the following link:

Likewise, you can make any communication through the following link:

You can also check the status of your communication through the following link: 

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