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Chemicals and plastics

Engineering for Chemical industry

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The chemical and plastics industry has developed greatly in recent years. Today, it is an increasingly developed and demanding sector—in terms of production and quality, but also control and automation.

Radar Process es líder en soluciones completas para la industria de la química y plásticos con una orientación al cliente y a la mejora de la eficiencia en sus procesos productivos. Nos avalan más de 40 años de experiencia en diferentes industrias donde el conocimiento de Radar Process nos ha permitido ofrecer a nuestros clientes soluciones completas e innovadoras a la hora de desarrollar proyectos integrales en la manipulación, automatización y dosificación de productos en polvo, granulados y líquidos; adaptados a sus necesidades específicas.

Complete installations for feeding raw materials to extrusion equipments in compounding plants, as well as transferring various polymers to the different types of packaging, tanks, big bags, octabins, sacks…

Chemical products

productos quimicos

Organic resins and compounds


neumaticos caucho


envase de detergente

Plastic processing





The food industry is increasingly developed and more demanding both in terms of production and quality, as well as control and automation.


The coffee market is the most important after oil, which means that more than 2 million cups of coffee are consumed around the world every day.

Chemicals and plastics

We offer complete and innovative solutions when developing comprehensive projects in the handling, automation and dosage of powder products.

Nutrition formulas

Complete installations for the preparation of wet mixing prior to the spray dryer, as well as complete installations for the preparation of dry mix for different formulas elaboration.

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